Kaohsiung: daylight

R0164888 (Small)
R0164915 (Small)
R0164979 (Small)
R0164984 (Small)
R0164995 (Small)
R0165115 (Small)
R0165157 (Small)
R0165162 (Small)
R0165172 (Small)
R0165180 (Small)
R0165253 (Small)
R0165255 (Small)
R0165263 (Small)
R0165299 (Small)
R0165316 (Small)
R0165324 (Small)
R0165332 (Small)
R0165353 (Small)
R0165360 (Small)
R0165361 (Small)
R0165365 (Small)
R0165366 (Small)
R0165379 (Small)
R0165387 (Small)
R0165393 (Small)
R0165409 (Small)
R0165421 (Small)
R0165433 (Small)
R0165440 (Small)
R0165442 (Small)
R0165445 (Small)
R0165464 (Small)
R0165470 (Small)
R0165479 (Small)
R0165481 (Small)
R0165483 (Small)
R0165484 (Small)
R0165494 (Small)
R0165523 (Small)
R0165533 (Small)
R0165573 (Small)
R0165588 (Small)
R0165589 (Small)
R0165603 (Small)
R0165611 (Small)
R0165613 (Small)
R0165618 (Small)
R0165621 (Small)
R0165624 (Small)
R0165649 (Small)
R0165650 (Small)
R0165676 (Small)
R0165680 (Small)
R0165710 (Small)
R0166539 (Small)

Shot at the end of October – early November 2016. Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


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