On The Way To Bandung

After 5 nights stay at Jakarta, finally I’m coming home to Bandung.


SCBD view.


All we need is mall (plaza? where must we called this building a plaza??).


My father said this area had the strongest wind velocity in Indonesia. You want to know the reason? The reason is the monument turn into curve position from straight. he?

DSC01622 DSC01639

Mr.Project Leader ‘Order 66’. | Founded 2nd Eboy Book (i got this book just 25% from the internet market price!).


Craning craning.


Noise hospital (hospital beside the freeway).


Indonesia branch of the most famous zipper brand in the world.


Passover to get lunch.


The Nuclear Waste Boys in Order 66.


Welcome to Bandung!


Bandung sunset with traffic jam.

to be continue..


2 thoughts on “On The Way To Bandung

  1. I came across your blog and enjoyed looking at all photos. Very nice! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. craning.. craning.. gw juga foto itu pas dsana, tp terlalu terang, fawk.

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