R.I.P. Charles Wesley Cooper of Telefon Tel Aviv

R.I.P. Charles Wesley Cooper. 12 April 1977 – 22 January 2009

Damn, i just got the message yesterday , Charlie Cooper of Telefon Tel Aviv has passed away in 22nd January 2009, two days after Televon Tel Aviv’s newest album ‘Immolate Yourself’ released. He died in the very very early young age, he was just 31 years old. There’s no certainty about his death cause. Charlie with his group mate Joshua Eustis have produced “mystic” sound of electronica, and they’re one of my influence. Its unbelievable for me. I remember the time when i pick him up with my friends at the Cengkareng Airoprt in Jakarta, Indonesia, have lunch and dinner with him, talk about electronic music, his love to timbel rice, an sundanese food, and his promise with Joshua Eustis to come back again to my city, Bandung, Indonesia.

Goodbye Charlie, may the peace with you there.

Bandung, 28 January 2009.


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  1. rimbapatria

    the rumour update just said that charlie died because suicide commit

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