Posters In My Room

The largest poster in my room, it has 150cm height, and 100cm width. This is the poster of Manic Street Preachers: Forever Delayed The Greatest Hits Special Edition. MSP is my #1 fav band.

This one is Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here album poster. Wish You Were Here was the album that dedicated for Syd Barrett, former Pink Floyd’s guitarist.

2001: A Space Odyssey is an avant-garde sci-fi movie. You won’t expect this move was made in 1968!  directed by: Stanley Kubrick

Taxi Driver is my fav too. This cult movie was directed by Martin Scorsese, when Cybill Shepherd still young and very very gorgeous.



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2 responses to “Posters In My Room

  1. juno

    martin scorsese is a cool director tapi taxi driver it’s not he’s big goal tapi itu pun menurut saya hahhahhah piss mba

    • rimbapatria

      haha, sebenernya subjektif sih saya memilih film ini jadi gav saya, somehow travis bickle menggambarkan sebagian diri saya..hahaha..nothing wrong with subjectivity right?hahaha

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