One Night, 3 Event T-Shirt

Last night, on the Ostend#2 (Bandung Indonesia) i found 3 people who wear 3 different event t-shirt


Ranti, with UNKL book launching t-shirt. original event held @ Bandung-Indoneisa


Mysterious Man, with Beat Fest t-shirt. feat: Steve Aoki, Whitest Boy Alive, etc. original event held @ Jakarta-Indonesia


Iyus, with Chambers Show vol. X t-shirt. feat: Efek Rumah Kaca, Bottlesmoker, etc. original event held @ Makasar-Indonesia


2 thoughts on “One Night, 3 Event T-Shirt

  1. siapa itu mysterious man? huehuehe

  2. satu lagi ga ke foto si ino jug apake kaos panitia wahhhh luputtt!!!!

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