Pipe Blown, Hole On The Street, Car Sink

The Ground Zero

the pipe has blown, its starting to flood dude

the firefighters start to suck the water

and the people try to help this car out of the hole

This is a picture of my beautiful corrupt lovely city: Bandung, Indonesia.

Today 24th Dec 08 its abot 2 or 3pm, an underground water pipe was blown, and it’s make the road wrecked down + a lil bit flood, and 1.5m hole depth and 6m width.  Its like a ground zero of Bali bombing man. hahaha, and this Toyota Kijang was halfly submerged, because the driver of this car thought it was just a general flood and there’s no hole inside. But when the driver try to move her car, the car just stuck and it doesn’t move, so her car nose begin to sink, and then the traffic jam has just started. beautiful right?

All pictures above were taken by Baban Gandapurnama, he is the reporter of Detik Bandung


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